Riabitare la Sardegna

Hi guy,

our name is Global and our surname is Local. We live in all countries and territories in the world. Today we will tell you about the purpose of Riabitare la Sardegna. In these months, in Cagliari, a small town in Sardinia, in the Mediterranean sea, we have to improve a great project for the future.


So, we tell you a little about that.

We don’t forget our early years in the rural countryside, with a few communities really united to face life and some friends. We remember many happy years in these lovely rural villages. Now you know why we love this rural region.


We believe

that today it is necessary to defend the existence of the villages growing new opportunities to work and live there. When we were young, we dreamt to change the social and economic status of our families and our communities (relatives, friends, citizens, small independent businesses).


Today we dream the same

We’ve changed our life, we’re satisfied with the goals we have met. But in many local towns, villages and in a lot of regions (not only one), this feeling of well-being, isn’t possible for most areas.


We don’t think is possible

to enjoy life when most people are poor and suffering, while only a little part of community is rich, selfish, and ignorant. Moreover, we think very frequently “what will be the future of new generations?”. We’re shocked because politics and nations don’t change their approach to the future.


Our passion

is to do “sustainability and innovation” in different fields of social impact plans and new business. In this moment, with some partners, we have to develop new business models and new ICT platforms for public services and economic relationships.


We need your help to spread and support a dream: Riabitare la Sardegna.



Beyond that, we have some opportunities to describe and check targets and goals realised in our local development projects and benefit corporation, with sponsors and investors. 

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